Frequently Asked Questions

GrabZip(G) Voucher

GrabZip Voucher is an electronic voucher(code) where its value is NOT fixed or specified. Voucher value will vary according to situation. Multiple Voucher can be used at the time of order and any unused balance

will remain in your Voucher Account. GZ Voucher is good on any purchase amount and it is non-transferable.

Select product on Home page and just click the Click Item(Product name) link to view product details and to click on grab code button.

Only registered customers can get the voucher code . Registered First, then login with registered user id and password

You can create an account (which will make it easier next time you buy something, and signs you up for regular emails so you never miss a deal.

Grabzip(G) set minimum and maximum amount for product price. If selling price is greater than set amount, customer will be pay a fixed amount to purchase voucher code.Relevant information will be displayed at the time of purchase.

If Product price is less than set price, Voucher code is free of cost.

After successfully registeration on website, and follow instructions as shared above to get voucher code

After successful registration and payment online if there, then Voucher code will be shared on your registered email id for a purchased product.

How we work

Produced voucher code to Merchant at the time of shopping. Merchant will map the voucher code on his storage and give you discount specified on voucher code.

GrabZip Voucher is non-transferable and attach to your account so that only you can redeem. We will not process any order places if the account ID and the Voucher code does not match our record.

GrabZip Voucher has expiry date; it is valid from the issue date until product expiry date mentioned at the time of purchase

It's customer responsiblity to utilise voucher code, before product promotion expire date.

You must ensure that your GrabZip Voucher code is always in safe hands. We accept no responsibility for lost or stolen vouchers. However, at our sole discretion, we may re-issue the voucher provided it has not yet been redeemed.

If you are eligible for GZ Voucher but do not received it, please check you spam folder in your mailbox, there could be possibilities that your inbox is full or blocked or email address is invalid.

Or contact GrabZip via email or contact number to provide voucher code. Our team will help to investigate issue and provide paid voucher code on customer registerd email id.

No. There is no cancellation policy. Grabzip is charging fixed amount for per voucher/transaction. If you forgot to use your voucher in time or if you changed your mind. We do not normally offer refunds unless there are exceptional circumstances. Grabzip is charging fixed amount for per voucher through online.

Please forward your problem in details to . We will get back to you with solution.

Click on Grab Code button on product details page,and follow instructions to grab voucher code for selected product.After successful follow all steps, System generated voucher code will be send to your registered email id with details.

code has expiry date. Customer should utilise voucher code before expire date.

Follow terms and conditions posted by Merchant, after expiry date, there is mutual agreement between merchant and customer. Grabzip is not responsible for this. Grabzip will help to settle issue between merchant and customer.

You'll receive your voucher code in your registered email, Follow the ‘how to use’ instructions on your voucher in order to redeem it. Generally, you can use most GrabZip vouchers straight away. Approach to merchant shop with voucher code to get benefit.

There are always some stipulations in place to make it super-clear what you are getting and when. We work hard with our merchants to ensure they are fair to both you and them. Make sure you always read them and check the expiry date before you grab a deal.